I am a firm believer there is no diet that will do what eating healthy does. Whether you are looking to lose (or gain) weight, adjust to a medical condition (diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, etc…), or just improve your overall wellbeing. A lot of us underestimate the impact Nutrition has on both our bodies and minds. Although to some this might seem unrelated, when you eat real, whole, healthy food you nourish your body, not just feed it.

When you fuel it with the right nutrients it will start operating like a fine tuned machine. Not only will you feel like a million bucks, full of renewed energy, but this will translate into a better mood. You will naturally develop a positive attitude towards yourself and the world around you. Yes! Because when your body is not busy struggling trying to deal with all the processed food you put through it (sugar, trans fat, preservatives, chemicals), you will function better: perform better (physically & mentally), sleep better, think clearer. And trust me, if you think you feel just fine as you are, try and see how you’ll feel after improving your eating habits! Scary-exciting!

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding nutrition, and most of them become ‘excuses’ not to take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle. Examples?

“Healthy food is expensive”: no, it’s not. I can assure you don’t have to shop at Whole Foods to achieve a healthy lifestyle! Nowadays you can easily find organic produce for few cents more than the non-organic option at most grocery stores (or even better, local farmers markets). Also, healthy food is ‘ingredients’: if anything you will start saving few bucks!

“Healthy food is bland and boring… I need my dessert/pizza/burger/taco fix!”: I am a food lover (dang, I’m Italian!), and I would NEVER sacrifice taste. Let me tell you, I do get all of the above ‘fixes’, the healthy versions of them 😉 And they are VERY tasty. Of course, you need to know how to put a meal together to avoid the temptation of calling your pizza delivery guy or dropping by the nearest fast food on your way home. But it’s easier than you think. Also that’s why I’m here: to show you some healthy, easy options you can implement into your routine. Nobody said you have to radically change your diet overnight, as quick fixes don’t generally work nor last in the long run (you start a cleanse, a radical diet: lose 10lbs in two weeks, just to put it back in the following two. Very unhealthy!). Slowly adjusting your daily habits will make it easier to transition to lifestyle changes, and your achievements will be long lasting.

“I don’t have time (I work too much, I’m tired, I have kids, school…)”: again, it is only a matter of adjusting and implementing little changes in your routine. Drop boxed food and frozen dinners for quick meals made with whole foods. You NEED to know what goes into your body. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take much to put together a tasty-healthy meal: I assure you can pull it off with very few ingredients, in 15-30 minutes.

“I will start on Monday”: Ha! If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard that, I’d seriously be rich! Why Monday?! You should start today! Actually today is the perfect day! Go to the grocery store and pick up few ingredients to prepare a couple of dishes. You can check some of the recipes I’ve posted already (Recipes), and get some inspiration if you like, or message me! I’d be happy to talk with you about any of your questions or concerns. All it takes is making the first step: tomorrow you’ll be glad you started today, and it will be day two already! This is a journey: you should believe the changes you are making are for the better, and it will become so empowering you’ll never look back.

Now, nothing happens by chance, of course if you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle there is a bit of commitment that needs to be put into work. Like everything in life, you need to set your priorities: are YOU a priority? Are your health and wellbeing priorities? Honestly, you should be your first priority! For yourself and your loved ones, as everything else in your life will be a reflection of it. One thing I can assure you, it is SO worth it! I did start this journey myself as an ‘experiment’ and saying it changed my life is definitely an understatement. The way I relate to myself and others, my attitude towards the world. It added so much strength and will power to bring me here wanting to inspire other people uncovering the better part of themselves.

I meet people every day that tell me they are looking to improve their eating habits, and ‘they know’ what they should be doing… Do they? Healthy eating doesn’t mean avoiding ice cream and French fries and snack on raw celery and carrots instead. Healthy eating involves some knowledge of nutrition to make sure you reap all the benefits of the food you are eating. It involves not skipping meals and starve yourself, but find the right balance to give a kick start to your metabolism. One step at a time. But you got to take that first step.

Nicole EGFG ❤

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