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My name is Nicole, I’m an Italian born & raised, and a San Diego transplant for the past (oh boy!) sixteen years. I live in beautiful Ocean Beach, CA, with the joy of my life, my dog Bruno. Besides spending a lot of time cooking (go figure!), I love taking advantage of the unbeatable SoCal weather: be it going for my morning run at the Cliffs, working out at the beach, watching an amazing sunset, walk the local Farmer’s Market or just read on my deck. I feel very fortunate I found my calling in life: something that was always ‘there’ but only the past few years have been falling into place. That is “Nicole’s Eat Good Feel Good Kitchen”. Following my passion with food (that obviously comes from my Italian roots!), combined with the willingness to help others become happier and healthier individuals. I can honestly say I’m very excited and never felt better in my life! Not just physically, but mentally too. A lot of us underestimate the importance and the impact Nutrition has not only on our bodies but on our minds as well. Feeling good, being in a good mood, having a lot of energy will make you feel so much more empowered and ready to take life by the horns! Changing your diet can do that for you. It did it for me and it’s amazing! Wellness is a journey, not a quick fix. Slowly adjusting your habits is the best way to make healthy choices a priority, and all of a sudden you realize it becomes a lifestyle! And the changes you see happening come from the inside out: they are meant to last. Set yourself up for success! At the end of the day, YOU are the only one who can make yourself HAPPY 🙂

My goal is to help, motivate and inspire YOU starting and cruising through your own journey, discovering the better side of yourself.

Nicole ❤

OB Sunset

“Nicole has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from SSU. She has acquired extensive experience in the food handling and customer’s service business working in fine dining restaurants and hospitality for over fifteen years. She attained a Diploma in Fundamentals of Personal Nutrition & a Foundation Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Shaw Academy. She is also NRFSP Certified (National Registry of Food Safety Professionals).

Nicole has many personal characteristics and skills that are particularly valuable in the personal chef business, including: an undeniable Italian background, a passion for cooking, attention to detail, organizational skills, flexibility, creativity, sociability, ability to multi-task, high physical energy, and endurance. She is also a highly motivational individual, with a personal love for wellness and fitness, and a great coach for someone who is looking to overall improve their eating habits and lifestyle”.

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All Rights Reserved.

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