Personal Chef

Nicole’s Eat Good Feel Good Kitchen provides personal chef services and cooking classes/parties/demonstrations to busy working professionals in the San Diego area. This service includes personalized menu planning, grocery shopping and preparation of dinner entrees and side dishes on a regular basis. Each dinner is based on the clients’ personal preference. Nicole uses natural, organic, and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. Her personal code of ethics directs that the business be as “green” as possible. She chooses vendors who are environmentally and socially responsible. The service is available as a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or occasional service and fees vary according to level of service selected. All meals are prepared in the client’s home during a weekday while the client is at work. All meals are packaged, labeled and refrigerated or frozen with complete instructions for final preparation. Cooking classes/parties/demonstrations will take place in client’s home and can be arranged on client’s schedule. Nicole will use all her own utensils and will do complete clean-up.

Customized Meal-Prep service available for San Diego locals only. Ask me about it!

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All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Personal Chef

  1. Thank you so much for going over my health goals with me! I am so excited to start my clean eating diet and transition into weight loss. Your recipes look amazing and I can’t wait to try them!!!

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    1. Yes Katie! This is just the beginning! 🤗 I’m proud of you taking this first step & making the decision of taking care of yourself by putting your health first ❤️ You got this girl!


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