Thank You

2016 EGFG

I would like to thank anyone & everyone that showed love and supported Nicole’s Eat Good Feel Good Kitchen this year. I’m confident this is just the beginning of an amazing adventure! 🙂

With that said, remember happiness is a choice: I wish you all the love and strenght to make the changes you need to be happy with the new year ❤
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EGFG New Years Ad 2015


Make the change. Be the change.

I was recently reading an article that stated it takes 21 days of commitment to make (or break) a habit. Depending on how you look at it, that can seem a very achievable timeframe or an eternity. The way each one of us approaches change is different. We all look for a ‘change’ for better, but a lot of times when time comes we get really scared, start questioning ourselves and find excuses to procrastinate. Continue reading “MAKE THE CHANGE. BE THE CHANGE.”