Banana Oat Cookies

Valentine’s Day ❤ is only few days away, and if you are anything like me you are probably hoping nobody will show up with a box of “absurdly processed-full of chemicals-unhealthy” chocolate 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOVE sweets, but the ‘real’ thing, which is hardly what comes in a heart shaped box. Well, I’m giving you this incredible recipe, so you can scratch that hitch for a sweet treat without the guilty feeling.

Bananas, walnuts, chocolate chips and oats. Yes, 4 ingredients only! You’ll love them! Your other half will love them…. And your kids too 😉

Rich in fiber, gluten free, processed sugar free, low fat…and very nutritious. Enjoy!! ❤ Continue reading “Nicole’s BANANA-CHOCOLATE CHIP-OAT COOKIES”


Banana Walnut Oat Bread

I always make a point in saying this is a BIG staple food in my nutrition: it’s healthy, tastes great, and it’s packed with nutrients and fibers. I haven’t found one person yet I recommended it that didn’t fall in love with it instantly! Easy to grab when you are on the go so you won’t skip breakfast, it would leave you satisfied and provide you with energy for most of the morning. You can also enjoy it as a mid-day snack with a cup of your favorite tea/coffee, to keep you going and avoid energy slumps. Great item to make part of your daily routine 🙂 Continue reading “Nicole’s BANANA WALNUT OAT BREAD”